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Tree Trimming

Harmony Tree Service is the premier tree company in the local industry. Our ISA-certified arborists are well-versed in leading tree trimming practices for optimal tree health and property safety. Speak with a licensed arborist today. Drop us a line at (416) 844-8484. We look forward to hearing from you. Talk to an Expert

Comprehensive Tree Trimming Services

Whether your tree is fifty feet tall or at ground level, you can count on our expert arborists to prune your tree to perfection. Our company offers a complete range of tree trimming services for both residential and commercial properties. Tree trimming is a fantastic way to keep your home, business, or property safe – and looking great, too. Tree trimming is the best method to:
  • Remove dead or diseased branches
  • Allow wind and light to penetrate the canopy
  • Create clearance around structures
  • Facilitate better fruit or flower production

On-Site Tree Assessments

Before we begin any work, our arborists will assess the condition of the trees we’re working with. We’ll send a certified arborist to your property, at no obligation to you, to visually inspect the tree and determine its overall condition. We’ll consider all factors, such as:
  • The species of the tree
  • The growth patterns of the tree
  • The setting of the tree
With these considerations in mind, we’ll develop a customized strategy for the pruning of your tree. We’ll also provide you with an upfront quote of what the service will cost.

The Professional Difference: Expert Tree Pruning Services

Every cut and every snip that our arborists perform adheres to our strict standards for pruning excellence. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for the quality of our tree services, and we aim to protect that reputation with every branch we remove. To ensure our services are a “cut” above the rest, we pay great attention to:
  • The time of our cuts
  • The quality of our cuts
  • The strategy of our cuts


The ideal time to trim most trees is when they’re dormant, usually during the fall and winter seasons. Rest assured, our team of arborists is well-versed in the different species of trees native to Ontario. We always seek to protect the health of the trees we service, and we’ll make sure we’re pruning at the best time, every time.


A cut isn’t just a cut. Our arborists are trained in proper tree trimming procedures. We perform professional three-point cuts in the branch bark ridge for cleaner cuts that heal faster.


Our professionals will identify the central leader of the specimen, meaning the center branch of the tree. All our trimming will work around this branch. Our arborists will remove the damaged, diseased, or competing branches to maximize the specimen’s natural form for a visually striking tree.

Speak with an Arborist Today

Harmony Tree Service is at your service for residential and commercial tree trimming at fantastic rates. We offer our clients friendly service, flexible scheduling options, fast turnaround times, and of course, a professional touch. Speak with one of our seasoned arborists today for a no-obligation cost estimate.