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Stump Grinding in Markham, Toronto and Scarborough

After cutting down a tree, there will be a round stump left in the ground.

You can utilize the stump in many clever ways such as using it as a table/ stool or a pot base.

Or choose to have us bring in our machine and grind the stump 12" below grade level.

This will benefit the homeowner by:

  • Removing an eye-soar
  • Removing potential trip hazard for children/ adults
  • Preventing stumps from sprouting back and growing into a whole new tree
  • Preventing unwanted bugs and insects population nesting in stump
  • Reclaim the wasted area to be rejuvenated with small replacement tree or new grass
  • Leveling the ground by removing root flare that has been lifting the grade around stump

The most common method that we use in the industry on removing a tree is by grinding the stump. Our team will bring in a machine with a rotor that has multiple teeth and grind the stump inch by inch. Eventually turning it into a pile of woodchips. The chips are then used to fill the empty hole where stump was. Our equipment is compact and it can access a 36" wide yard gate with ease. Stump grinding is the fastest, safest and the most ecological way to remove a stump.

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